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“Now you can purchase iPhones and iPads at rock bottom Wholesale Prices

Make $100 within 24 hours! Guaranteed!

Whether you buy products from here or somewhere else, you must read this before you spend a dime.

Updated for iPad 3 – See below.

Dear Friend,

Like you, I was interested in selling iPhones and iPads in my local mall and online to make some serious money. Back in 2007 when the first iPhone was introduced and I saw how much they were selling for online, notably on eBay and I was in utter shock. I wanted to know how I could get in the business of selling the iPhone and making a decent profit.

Thankfully, I found my “financial freedom” and I’m going to share it with you.

In the past, it was a lot harder to start an iPhone business than it is now. Years ago, I wish I had:

  • An iPhone and iPad Wholesale Supplier List
  • Experts to help me in my venture.
  • Tips so I wouldn’t get scammed by those Chinese phone makers.

I was all alone trying to start a business I knew nothing about.

Eventually I was given the name iMarcus by the people closest to me. That’s because I was giving them the “hook-up” on iPhones at wholesale prices. Now it’s your turn to call me the iMarcus because I’m giving you the hook-up as well.

Your SECRETS to SUCCESS are throughout this important letter.

You now have the opportunity to use the same wholesalers that I used to resell iPhones for hundreds of dollars. I’m giving you all the guidelines and tips you will need to be successful. Not only that, I’ll give you my exclusive supplier list, which I was hesitant to even give to my family. You can exactly see the supplier list below.

I was making as much as $5,000 per month selling iPhones.

Now, I bet you wish you could make at least $5,000 per month don’t you?

Does one of these describe you?

  • You need extra income?
  • You are you looking for wholesale iPhone or iPads?
  • You are looking for legitimate suppliers of Apple products?
  • You’ve searched the internet trying to find suppliers of iPhone and iPads?
  • You’re looking for FREE information about how to buy wholesale products?

I’m 100% sure one of those applies to you. Since it does, you will do really well by reading everything in this important letter. This could be the letter that may change your life.

Your bank account has the possibility to change next week by the information you will find below.

Before you proceed remember this tip even if you take nothing else from this report. You CANNOT buy Wholesale iPhone and iPads through Websites!

I’m giving you

My list of iPhone and iPad Wholesalers so you can make serious money like I did. No matter where you live in the world, these suppliers can ship the products directly to your door.

Recent Review - iMarcus, you did a great job with your book. Thanks for deciding to release the supplier list. That alone is worth the value of the book. But those other tips you give are outstanding. Thanks buddy.

I remember vividly scouring the internet in anger and frustration attempting to find a company who could sell me bulk quantities of iPhones. You probably landed on this website for the same reason. If this website is the first one you stumpled upon in your quest for wholesale products consider yourself extremly, extremly lucky. However, you may be the person who has scoured the internet already, hoping to find legitimate wholesalers and your frustration level is through the roof because you aren’t having much luck. Just like you I didn’t have much success when I started out either. Most companies didn’t seem legitimate to me or they required me to purchase at least 100 iPhones. I didn’t have a problem purchasing a lot of iPhones at once, but I wanted to purchase a single iPhone to verify that they were selling authentic iPhones. I can’t recall any legitimate company selling me a single iPhone. I was so irritated to say the least.

You’re probably just like I was. You are ready to spend your first few hundred dollars to get your first iPhone and resell it for big money.

You must be cautious. Avoid the scams.

I recall finding a company online who was willing to sell me a single iPhone for $300. I was so excited to finally find a company with whom I could purchase wholesale products from. It was the first generation iPhone that was selling on eBay for over $900! You remember the one with the silver back that was made just for AT&T and was on the super slow 2g network? Seems so long ago.

Anyway, I sent them $300 via paypal to purchase the iPhone. Prior to sending them $300, I did what I thought was thorough research on the company to make sure I wasn’t getting scammed. Guess my research wasn’t as thorough as I thought.

Luckily for you, my exclusive information will prevent you from getting scammed like I did.

So I wrote everything done for you and my family to enjoy.

Recent Review – You are a genius, I am always skeptic about these kinds of business books, but honestly I had nothing to lose. For $9.97 it wasn’t a tough choice for me. I can afford to invest $9.97 in hopes of making my dreams come true. I have only had the guide for only 1 day, and I already have a nice list of the wholesale suppliers, I already spoke to a few. So kudos to you, and wish me luck.  Allison W.

There was no guide back then to help me! No experts, no supplier lists, and no message boards.

I received what they perceived on their website to be an iPhone. They lied. I received a sciPhone. This clone iPhone looks very similar to the iPhone, but didn’t function like it all like it. I was so angry. I went back to their website immediately after receiving it to immediately ask for a refund. To my surprise, the website no longer existed. I literally wasted $300 of my hard earned money to some company who claimed to be a U.S. based legitimate company selling authentic iPhones. Later I found out that it was probably an individual from China just setting up a fake company to sell clone iPhones. I’ve learned that this is common in the wholesale iPhone business. Good thing no one was near me the day I received the sciPhone, because I probably would have seriously hurt someone.

You are going to learn everything I know about buying and selling iPhones. Everything!

I almost gave up; I was just so exhausted by the process. But I told myself I would give it one last shot.

The Good News…

I wanted to find a company in the U.S. or U.K. who could sell me bulk quantities of iPhones (They actually exist). I called Apple to see if they could sell me products, but they said they are only a few companies they wholesale to, cell phone companies and large retailers. None of which I am. But the individual did tell me the name of a company who they heard of that may be able to help me find products.

This person changed my life and you can have the results.

I felt like they were blowing me off, but that Apple employee was right on. After getting off the phone, I sat in front of my computer and went to Google to search for the company the person gave me. I went through the first several pages and didn’t find any companies with that name. After looking through several more pages, I finally stumbled upon a company who claimed to sell wholesale and bulk quantities of iPhones. After speaking with them on the phone and legitimizing their business, I ordered a sample iPhone at a wholesale price. You’ll learn what I did differently this time to make sure the company was real.

You’re probably feeling just as excited as I was at this movement.

It gets so much better.

This time, I was hesitant to open the box when UPS delivered it. I was nervous to see what was in the box after my experience with the Chinese SciPhone. To my amazement it was a 100% real Apple iPhone. Now picture me doing a black flip if I had the ability to do so.

Now it’s your turn to make more money.

I sold most of my iPhones to small business owners who operated kiosks at international airports. It was my niche. Because I used to work at the airport, I knew that retailers sell unlocked phones to travelers for them to use in foreign countries. They charge a huge premium to their customers for these iPhones. I was making an average of $100 per phone by selling to these retailers. I would also sell on eBay and make anywhere from $30 to $75 per phone selling an average of 15 per week. Can you imagine?

What would you do with an extra $1,125 per week?

Recent Review – After having your guide for almost a month I just past $1,000 in profit, not revenue. That is better than I thought I would be doing.  I have a little while to go to get up to your weekly income, but I know it’s just rinse and repeat. Every dollar of my current profit I am putting back into the business to buy more and more iPhones. I am currently studying the iPad market and that looks just as profitable.

You can do like I did. I purchased my first home and an investment house where I make monthly rental income. Also against my family’s advice, I bought my toy, a motorcycle. Right now, I’m looking for a boat to add to my collection. Not a yacht, just something that will fit myself and 6 people comfortably.

By finding this company and being in the business of selling iPhones, I acquired knowledge that most would consider priceless. I learned how to complete due diligence on a company, how to price my products, how to make sure that the product is authentic and most importantly I acquired a list of over 50 suppliers who sell wholesale iPhones and iPads.

Now my exclusive list is all yours.

My family and friends know me as the iMarcus because they say I am obsessed with everything Apple. I really think they call me the iMarcus because they would come to me to sell them the newest iPhone at a discounted price within a few weeks after it’s released. Since the iPhone 4s was recently released, many people have been looking for iMarcus. Unfortunately, I’m no longer in the business of selling iPhones and iPads. I now have a full time job that requires me to work crazy hours and I can’t focus on selling them. It does take time selling products because you have to price them and ship them, but the profit is well worth it. Remember $1,125 per week?

How would you like people just coming to you to buy iPhones and iPad? Little did my family know is that I would still charge them $10 more than my wholesale price. Ha, Ha.

My family and friends are now wondering where are those suppliers that I use to purchase the products. I wanted to play a game, a little test to see if they would have a difficult time as I did finding a supplier. I told them to use Google and send me a list of companies and I’ll tell them if I think they are legitimate. 90% of the companies they sent me for review are from China selling clone iPhones and the other 10% where those penny auction sites.

Good thing they have my exclusive information (and me) to prevent them from being scammed.

That is when it hit me. I have a wholesale supplier list that I acquired over the years that would be useful to anyone looking to purchase iPhones and iPads at wholesale prices. Not only do I have the list but I can also share my knowledge of the business, so others know how to be successful.

The Solution?

I created a guide for them to use that gives them EVERYTHING they need.

Recent Review – Thanks for the book man, you really are the man. Really impressive stuff in the guide, I am shocked at how valuable this information is. You really came through for me, when I hit big. I am making a nice little contribution to your organization. Please if you have more information on other stuff like specifically for flat screens. Let me know. Dennis. O

Here is your opportunity

I provided a copy of the guide which included the supplier list to my family members because they wanted to purchase iPhones and iPads for themselves. They raved about it and said it was great. I should have charged them, because it took me over 2 months to write it. But I gave them the family discount. FREE! I told them my tips and supplier list are for them only because I don’t want everyone knowing about how to make money in this business. Competition isn’t always a great thing. I lost hundreds of dollars and time getting into this business. I definitely didn’t want to just give this information to people outside my family. Too much was invested into my venture. But my cousin showed two of her friends the guide and now they were thrilled.

I pondered with myself. I knew how frustrating it was to find suppliers. So why not help people avoid all the mistakes I made when I first started out?

So I decided to release the guide to the public.

This could be your once in a lifetime opportunity to create an extra income system.

The Wholesale iPhone and iPad Guide

Now you can get your copy and I suggest you act fast.


  • 100% Legitimate Apple iPhone and iPad Wholesalers who will ship directly to you. No matter where you are located U.S., Africia, Europe, South American, Austrailia and even the North Pole, they can get you products.
  • What you need to know before you get started in the business.
  • How not to get scammed like I did.
  • Where to find suppliers when your supplier is out of stock.
  • How not to get hung up on by wholesalers.
  • Learn where to access experts who will help you be more successful.
  • Sell successfully on eBay using proven auction formats and keywords.
  • See exactly how to determine the appropriate sales price that can earn you over $5,000 per month.

Unfortunately I can’t give you the family discount, but I’ll still make it affordable for you.

For only $27 you can get the guide that my family and friends are raving about.

But not only my family and friends have the product. Here are people who have reviewed the guide and here is what they have to say:

Review 1 – This eBook was one of the best I have read in a long time. I particularly like how you explained how to stay away from people who make those fake companies. I didn’t realize how easy it was to do that until you showed me what they’re doing. The list is outstanding. I did just as you did. I started looking back in September for wholesalers and I still didn’t have any luck. But the ones on your list appear to be legit.

Review 2 – All I can say is damn. I already sold my first iPhone and made $80. Do I need to say more?

Review 3 – I’m in Trinidad and I was having a really hard time finding a supplier who could ship to me. Three of the suppliers on your list said they would ship to me. It’s so hard getting anything shipped to this country.  After doing the background check on the company, I ordered 2 as samples. Both where legit, so I ordered 20 more. I sell them in my store for more than $100 in profit per phone.

Review 4 -Here is a great recommendation you could put in your guide. I bought 30 from a supplier that was on your list. Instead of selling them on eBay I sold them all on Craigslist in my local city. Now I’m $2,100 richer. So you can surely sell them on craigslist as well. Thanks iMarcus!

Review 5 – My wife is so happy with me now. In the past two weeks I put $275 away towards my daughter education.

When I first offered the guide for sale, I sold plenty for $29.99. But I want to reach more people just like you, so I lowered the price all the way down to $27.

Here is your proof!

Supplier Directory

Here is a screenshot of your directory. When you purchase The Guide you’ll have full access to the Company Name, Contact Person, Street Address and Zip Code!

When your suppliers are out of stock you visit a wholesale buyers and seller exchange to purchase more stock. Here a list of products that was recently made available for your purchase.

Apple Products Marketplace

Here are two emails I recently received from a supplier to see if I was interested in purchasing iPads and iPhones.

Example 2

Get It Now for only $27!

As soon as news and rumors of the iPhone 5 start circulating, I will raise the price back to $29.99. The iPad is expected sometime in September 2012, so the price will go up any day in August. Update - I’ve been advised by suppliers that the original iPad 1′s and iPhone 3g’s are no longer available. Suppliers are now taking orders for iPhone 5′s.

Also, I was recently contacted by a couple of suppliers who advised me they were getting in increase in calls because of this guide. While they appreciate the increase in customers, they sometimes have a hard time keeping up with demand. Therefore, I have implemented a limit to the number of guides available for sale.

So you must get the guide now if the “Buy It Now” button is available.

You think $27 is too expensive? Do the math. I estimate that the guide took me over 110 hours to complete. Multiply 110 hours x $20 per hour = $2,200. I would love the sell the guide for $2,200 but you and I both know that’s not going to happen.

Your time is worth far more than $27 per hour.
Don’t you agree?

As you already know there is money to be made. Just think of  how much time and money you would save and earned by acquiring this guide.

If you don’t buy The Wholesale iPhone and iPad Guide, I guarantee you will spend another countless dreadful hours searching Google, Yahoo and Bing trying to find wholesale suppliers. It took me months to find a SINGLE supplier and I grew up using computers and the internet. Plus I have a business background, so I feel pretty confident it will take you months to find all the information that is provided in the guide.


It Gets Better! Money Back Guarantee!


Use it for a full 60 days.

I stand behind The Wholesale iPhone and iPad Guide and that is why I’ll give you 60 days to make it work for you.

If you’re not happy with the guide, just use the Contact Link at the bottom of this page and receive a full refund.

I’ll take all the risk. I don’t want or expect to keep all your money.

My reputation is on the line!





Make an easy $100 within 24 hours!

When you purchase today, you will also receive the “24-Hour Profit Today” guide.

This guide explains a very lucrative technique that you can use right away to start making money within 24 hours. You don’t need thousands of products or a bulk wholesaler either.

This bonus is included as a gift when you purchase the guide today.

My sister is currently using this method and made over $200 this past week!


How To Unlock iPhones and iPads

Just added!

With your download of the Wholesale iPhone and iPad Guide you will also receive a step by step guide to unlocking iPhones and iPads.

This guide provides instructions for unlocking and jailbreaking Apple products. The instructions include pictures to make it extremely easy for any novice. This alone sells for $23+ around the internet, but I’ll include it with your download.


Craigslist Secrets

Also when you purchase today you will receive The Step By Step Insider – Secrets ways of making money with Craigslist.

This guide will give you all the ends and outs of Craigslist and how to make money using Craigslist.

This guide sells elsewhere for $14.99, but I’ve been authorized to include it as it’s a great companion to The Wholesale iPhone and iPad Guide!




When you invest $27 to purchase the guide you will INSTANTLY have access to:

  • 100% Legitimate Apple iPhone and iPad wholesalers that you can call or email to purchase products.
  • Exactly what I learned and you need to know before starting in this business.
  • How to not get scammed like I did and do your due diligence on any company.
  • Where you will find suppliers when your normal suppliers are out of stock.
  • How to access experts who are already in the business to help you become successful.
  • 7 Step program to have successful eBay auctions that earn the most money.
  • How to contact suppliers so they take you seriously.
  • Learn how to retail price your iPhones and iPads for top dollars.

Order With Paypal or Credit/Debit Card

Buy it now, download it instantly and you can be in business next week.

The only investment you’ll make is a one-time cost of $27 for the guide. There are absolutely no other charges for the guide.

You can buy it now using your Paypal account.

*There is a slight delay when accessing the payment page as the processor generates your order.

Remaining 20 9

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still have INSTANT access to the guide by using your Debit or Credit Card. The Debit/Credit Card Payment instructions are below.

If you are still hesitant, do me a favor…..

Next time you visit Walmart or discount store, pay close attention to the person who greets you. Or the next time you are at Costco or Sams Club, look at the really nice senior citizen who is giving you those tasty samples.

Then ask yourself? Do you really want to be working well into your 60’s and 70’s. Probably not. Take opportunities now to secure your and most importantly your families financial future.





P.S. – The Wholesale iPhone and iPad Guide contains all the information you need to get started in the business. You gain access to an extensive supplier list that others refrain from sharing.

P.P.S – $27 is a small price to pay for the return you’ll make once you start selling your iPhones and iPads.

P.P.P.S. – In the guide you have access to suppliers who are located in the U.S., U.K, Asia and around the world. These suppliers will ship to you no matter where you are located.


You can pay with a credit or debit card to instantly access the guide. Paypal will process the payment, but Paypal does not require you to have a Paypal account.

Follow these directions.

> Click here to make a Credit Debit Card Payment.


> Once the website loads click the “Don’t have a Paypal account?” link.

> On the next page you can enter in your credit or debit card information to pay for instant access to the guide.



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